"The Reindeer Song" by Tim Rich
"The Snowman Show" by Rebecca Dowman
"My Favourite Christmas Jumper" by Faye Sharpe
"Speech bauble" by Paul White
"When Santa went to the beach" by Elen Lewis
"Christmas tree" by Teresa Gray
"Yellow Snow" by Victoria Campbell
"Meet Junior Claus" by Miranda Dickinson
"Nadja Watches Blue Peter" by Tessa Sheridan
"Is Santa Coming Tonight?" by David Hocken
"Elf Xmas" by Ezri Carlebach
"Christmas Countdown" by Joan Lennon
"I am the Star" by Shari Low
"A Christmas Dream" by Tom Collins
"62 words from Sarah Salway who went slightly mad while writing this" by Sarah Salway
"The Mysteries of Christmas" by Chris Bird
"Holding onto Christmas" by Sara Sheridan


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