"Bored Games" by Douglas Thompson
"Visions of Sugar Plums Danc'd in their Heads" by Claire Squires
"After Dark" by Samantha Short
"My Angel" by Sara Sheridan
"Sunday" by Michelle Nicol
"Miss Montgomery’s Final Bequest" by Mary Paulson-Ellis
"Christmas Cracker, Sweetie Wrapper" by Simon Parsons
"Christmas Cards: From somewhere in-between time and reality." by Niall Moorjani
"A Spell to Start Again" by Sara McQueen
"A Sledge for Snobs" by Helen MacKinven
"I remember them" by Ronnie Mackintosh
"Vespers" by Carol McKay
"Scarlet Girl " by Laura McIntyre
"Woolly jumper" by A.J. McIntosh
"Goodnight" by Joan Lennon
"we gather" by Mandy Lee
"jigsaw peace" by Lucy Harland
"Coloured cat’s eyes twinkle across the smooth surface" by Amanda Edmiston
"Carduelis carduelis" by Linda Cracknell
"SHIVER & SPARKLE" by Tom Cleeland
"Diablada" by Laura Jane Clay
"Glaister on the Curlie!" by Aimee Chalmers
"Pantomime" by Neil Baker
"O" by Jane Alexander
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